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Assisted Voluntary Sales - We Buy Any House Manchester

Benefits of an Assisted Voluntary Sales (AVS) scheme

  • Avoiding repossession and loss of your home
  • No disruption to work life or children’s education as the move is planned
  • Achievement of a better price for your home

Buy My Property For Cash can support you in dealing with your mortgage lender in order to stop repossession. We can ensure a sale within a matter of days in order to free you from debt arrears, and leave you able to continue living stress free within minimal disruptions.

We can help you if you are facing repossession due to mortgage arrears in a discreet and professional manner. You will be able to sell your house in a routine manner on the market rather than face the potential humiliation of repossession. You will maintain a good credit rating and could also be left with surplus cash left over after all debts are settled with lenders and creditors.