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Bridging Loans - Flexible Bridging Loans in Manchester

Our Bridging Loans can be structured and tailored to suit your needs – with respect to Buy to Let, Investment, Vacant Property, and Land.

  • Loans from £20, 000 to £1,500,000
  • Rates start from 0.7% per month
  • Loans for both Residential and Commercial Properties and Land
  • Interest payments can either be paid monthly, retained or “rolled up”
  • Period of loan variable from 1 day to 24 months
  • Loans can be applied for on the basis of first charge or second charge

What are the benefits of bridging loans?

  • Buy My Property For Cash will give you a decision immediately – there is no long, drawn-out process which requires credit scores, etc
  • Bridging loans provide a very quick and easy access to capital
  • You may purchase properties or land at auction knowing that you have the finance to do so
  • Flexible and customized terms with no monthly payments
  • All our services, products and rates are transparent – what you see is what you will get

Get in-depth detail information here: Bridging Loan Guide


First and Second Legal Charges

At Buy My Property For Cash – we understand that everyone has a unique situation which requires each case to be treated differently. We are able to offer competitive rates on both 1st and 2nd Charge Loans. We understand that bridging finance loans are needed to different purposes – therefore our flexible approach ensures that the loan is structured in such a way to benefit the borrower and ultimately achieve the purpose.

If you are a house buyer or require urgent cash to fill the financial gap, you need Bridging loan for house purchase

Our Loan Structures

Interest Deducted

For those who are seeking a longer loan term in order to provide breathing space and time – Interest Deducted loan structures provide a great solution. Interest for the overall loan term is deducted from the advance of the bridging loan. This may suit those who need to finish a project without monthly payments and those who wish to stay clear of compound interest.  

Interest Rolled

For those who are looking for a shorter term loan, Interest Rolled loan structures would be most suitable. The interest on the loan is rolled to the end of the term and is payable with the original capital advance when the loan is redeemed.

Monthly Payments

This product is suitable for those borrowers who are able to make monthly interest payments on the bridging loan. Borrowers typically use this type of loan structure when they have a consistent, strong cash flow which enables them to pay interest monthly without seriously affecting their financial budget.  

Fast, Flexible and Affordable

Buy My Property For Cash work around the borrower’s financial planning in order to provide a product which suits their needs. In some instances, we are even able to offer a combination of loan structures – for example, a borrower may agree to monthly repayments for the first 4 months, with the balance of remaining interest then rolled to the end of the loan term.

First Charge Loans

  • Loan-To-Value Ratio of up to 75%
  • Interest Starting from 1% per month
  • Loans from £20,000 to £1,500,000
  • No Upfront Fees and Non-Status
  • Terms available from 24 Hours to 24 months

Second Charge Loans

  • Loan-To-Value ratio of up to 70%
  • Interest Starting from 1.4% per month
  • Loans from £20,000 to £1,000,000
  • No Upfront Fees and Non-Status
  • Terms available from 24 Hours to 24 Months

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