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Stopping Repossessions


In the early stages, it is generally easy for us to stop repossessions by directly contacting the courts and stopping the process – relieving the anxiety and stress that a repossession process brings. Our panel of solicitors are proactive and very experienced in dealing with any property related legal process and we can ensure that you are in safe hands.

For those in the unfortunate situation of facing repossession – it can be an extremely stressful experience. When you are in mortgage arrears or in debt, lenders act quickly in order to retrieve their money. Lenders are not interested in your personal situation and sell your house for any price they are offered – often leaving you with nothing. In some circumstances, after they have repossessed the property you could still be in debt if they did not recover enough to pay the mortgage, interest and outstanding fees. On top of this you may be black-listed for credit meaning that you will find it extremely difficult to secure loans in the future.

How we can help


We can act quickly in order to buy your property for cash, avoid repossession and help you maintain a healthy credit rating. We can purchase your property within a matter of days – helping you to clear your mortgage arrears and other debts – leaving you with the surplus cash in order to live stress free.

If you are facing repossession - it is advised to act as quickly as possible so that we may instruct our solicitors to come to your aid and deal with your lenders on your behalf via the courts. We have over 10 years experience in dealing with all aspects of the property industry – and we have helped many people who are battling repossessions. 

Do not hesitate - act quickly and call us now on 0161 232 0944 to stop your property from being repossessed!