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FAQs - Sell Your House Privately in Manchester


Do you consider properties in any area?


We will consider making offers for any properties in Manchester and the North West. We also consider buying properties in any area in the UK as we have a large network of investors and property buyers all over the country. Our main in-house expertise however lies within the North West, especially in Manchester, as we have been buying and investing in properties in this region for over 10 years. We have knowledge of this area that is second-to-none, and are always up to date with current market conditions.


Do you consider any type of property?


Yes. Buy My Property for Cash will give serious consideration to any property or land in any area. The property can be residential, industrial, or commercial – we consider anything. We also purchase land for cash – including land for development.


Can you help with a pending repossession?


Please take a look at our information on Repossession Sales and Assisted Voluntary Sales to get a clearer picture of how we can help.

In general, we need to act as soon as possible in order to stop the repossession process. As soon as we agree on a price for your property we can instruct our legal team to act quickly and stop or defer the repossession and settle debts with your lenders. You will then take any surplus cash which is left over from the sale.


Why should I sell below market value?


People need to sell quickly for many reasons. In some cases, selling quickly can save you money as opposed to the costs involved with trying to sell a property yourself at market value. Please click here for more information on how our service provides a better solution to selling a property on your own.


What is True Market Value?


This is the value or price of the property which it will actually sell for. Generally, this price is associated with the price similar properties in your area or on your street have been sold for. Please be aware that estate agents, in order to attract you as their customer, will put a much higher price on the property than what it would actually sell for. Usually the property will never sell for the estate agent’s price and after some months of waiting - you will be forced to reduce this asking price in order to make a sale.

The Land Registry records all sold prices for properties, and the buyer has access to this information – which will make it very difficult to sell at an overstated price. Therefore, it is important to have a fair approximation in order to sell your property at the right price.



Would I obtain the full market price through an estate agent?


It is not impossible, though it is a very rare occurrence. The majority of buyers which you will attract will expect you to take much less than your asking price – in most cases up to 10%. 


How much would you offer me for my property?


Given the current economic climate in which mortgages and loans are hard to obtain, we would typically offer you around 70% to 80% of the true market value. Depending on your individual case of course you may fetch a higher or lower percentage than this. It must be noted that this approximation is liable to fluctuations dependent on current national and local market conditions.


What fees do you charge?


We have no hidden fees or costs.


How long does the process take?


The process varies from case to case dependent on your personal situation. However we typically have the whole process completed within 4 to 6 weeks.



Can you help me?


Find out by giving us a call on 0161 232 0944 and speaking to one of our consultants today! Alternatively you can request a call back or send us an email by clicking here.


How quickly will I get the money?


The cash will be in your bank account upon completion of the buying process – which typically takes around 4to 6 weeks.



Can I sell my house and rent it back?


Yes, we would be happy to make such an arrangement for you.



Will the sale be discreet?


Yes. The whole selling process will be kept confidential and discreet. If you are planning to rent your property back – nobody apart from those you have told yourself will know that you have sold your property.



Do you buy properties in any condition – even derelict properties?


Yes – even derelict properties. From fully furnished offices to dilapidated industrial buildings – absolutely anything will be considered.